Murderers won't spawn
i set murderers and outo spawn 2 true and updated and restarted the server chat commands work so the plugin is running im using savas island is my map on my server if thats the issue plz tell me

my file only took BiomeArctic as a example 
"BiomeArctic": {
"AutoSpawn": true,
"Murderer": true,
"Bots": 5,
"BotHealth": 100,
"Radius": 100,
"Kit": [],
"BotNamePrefix": "",
"BotNames": [],
"Bot_Accuracy": 4,
"Bot_Damage": 0.4,
"Disable_Radio": true,
"Roam_Range": 40,
"Peace_Keeper": true,
"Peace_Keeper_Cool_Down": 5,
"Weapon_Drop": true,
"Keep_Default_Loadout": false,
"Wipe_Belt": true,
"Wipe_Clothing": true,
"Allow_Rust_Loot": true,
"Suicide_Timer": 300,
"Chute": false,
"Respawn_Timer": 60,
"Sci_Aggro_Range": 30,
"Sci_DeAggro_Range": 40

I'm pretty sure it just doesn't work on Savas/Hapis at all.
If a custom created profile (/botspawn add Name) doesn't work, assume it doesn't work at all.