Can't get murderers to spawn
Maybe I got it wrong, but I can't find murderers anywhere in the map. Only scientists. I've even setted 10 murders at the dome (and 100 in each bio) but I can only find scientists there. Am I doing something wrong?

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My settings: "Dome": {
"AutoSpawn": false,
"Murderer": true,
"Bots": 10,
"BotHealth": 100,
"Radius": 100,
"Kit": [],
"BotNamePrefix": "",
"BotNames": [],
"Bot_Accuracy": 4,
"Bot_Damage": 0.4,
"Disable_Radio": true,
"Roam_Range": 40,
"Peace_Keeper": true,
"Peace_Keeper_Cool_Down": 5,
"Weapon_Drop_Chance": 10,
"Keep_Default_Loadout": false,
"Wipe_Belt": true,
"Wipe_Clothing": true,
"Allow_Rust_Loot": true,
"Suicide_Timer": 300,
"Chute": false,
"Respawn_Timer": 60,
"Sci_Aggro_Range": 30,
"Sci_DeAggro_Range": 40
You have to change this to "true"     "AutoSpawn": false,

or you wont get any spawns anywhere, make sure it is set to true at every monument you want bots at , but remember if you spawn bots at compound or Banditcamp they might make it hard for players to go there as they wont be able to kill the murderers,
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Thank you! They are everywhere! Just one question, can I make them attack players? I'd like to simulate a zombie attack, but they retaliate only if attacked first...

I would change "Peace_Keeper": true, to "Peace_Keeper": false,

That should help Im guessing
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I would change "Peace_Keeper": true, to "Peace_Keeper": false,

That should help Im guessi...
Yes it will and you can also increase the aggro range if using scientists, BTW: Using scientists does not actually infer that they all have to be Blue guys , just create some interesting kits for them for each area