Bots spawning inside of inaccessible building areas

Bots spawning inside of inaccessible building areas. How can I prevent or remedy this situation? Given enough time, they could all eventually spawn there (assuming the players continue to kill the others at the monument, right)? 


This specific monument is Water Treatment, in the area under the blue card puzzle room. 


There are issues like that at some of the monuments.
There's no solution, as such, right now, although for most you can just limit the spawn radius to avoid it; The airfield is a good example.

In fact, the last update changes roam behaviour to prevent bots building up in areas of low player traffic, over time, (their spawn point changes over time, even if they aren't killed) so you may as well just set a small spawn radius and larger roam radius.
They'll all spread out eventually.
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Fair enough. Just to note, though, I found the issues with them spawning inside of inaccessible areas to be a problem when I reduced the radius at Lighthouse, for example. So, use your judgment on a monument by monument basis.