Bot damage/accuracy defaults and range
When I first loaded your mod, the default was 4 and 0.4 for accuracy and damage. The ranges are from 1-10 and 0.0-1.0, right? The description notes that server normal is 10 and 1.0.  I've tested 4/0.4 and 7/0.7 and I can't imagine how scary the full 10/1.0 would be. Am I understanding this correctly? I'd like my bots to feel like newbs near spawning region monuments and badasses near monuments like Launch/Mil-Tun. Is 10/1.0 aimbot level? Would 1/0.1 be pointless? I'd love your insight on a suitable, realistic ranges to make the bots feel as lifelike as possible. 

Accuracy ranges from 0.0 to 1.0, 1.0 being server default.
Damage can be as high as you like, but 10, as you say, is server default.

I do have addional code that reduces both of these slightly over long ranges but, that aside, 0.1 and 10 should be equal to a console-spawned bot's values.
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Ok, so your bots should feel less "aim-bot-y" than the scientists? Assuming I don't max out their numbers, of course.