Fight option, noise option, and AI factionSuggestion
Hey BotSpawn Dev. Now am a fan of your work for years I did comment more than a year ago since but I've been using these ai to create a rust feeling in singleplayer or well coop with friends. I like a lot but 1 problem is getting bot spawn to attack each other. Currently, I've left it so a few spawn locations have murderer bots on and some don't. But an option to just get them to fight each other would be better. Another option I would be interested in seeing is the ability to disable Murder noises. I might be wrong but ai with weapons who are on the murderer faction rush to the player more. I figured this must be cuz they are in the murder faction since they use melee. Any way to just change them to the faction but keep the same ai as Scientist faction. So they fight each other the same. and 1 faction won't be rushing all the time and the other going to cover and all that.

Glad you're enjoying the plugin. Thanks for the kind words. :)

This is a fairly common request so I'll take a look at it next time I'm tinkering.
I think they 'wounded scream' after they silently close the distance would be fun :)