We have spent a bit of time over the last few months integrating an advertising platform with uMod. There are roughly 10 major ad placement spots available and scattered throughout the website. Some of these slots are already spoken for, such as the ones currently showcasing Gameserverkings, but if you are interested in advertising with us, please contact us along with details about what you're looking for and we'll see what we can work out. We know people generally do not like ads, but we will carefully curate them to ensure they fit well and are not obnoxious.


Much of the front-end has received an overhaul specifically targeted at improved responsive, mobile, and tablet support. Please feel free to let us know if you notice any issues on your various devices.


The large majority of plugins from the old site are imported, published, and claimed. We do still have some unclaimed resources, so if you're a developer interested in taking over some resources, check out the list of unclaimed plugins (must be logged in). Please keep in mind that if you are an unknown developer with no resources of your own, we'd recommend creating some of your own works before claiming an established plugin.


The majority of documentation for plugins has been updated from BBcode to Markdown format, though some do remain unformatted so please be patient with us as those are cleaned up as we are able and time permits. We want to thank all of our contributors for learning Markdown and their help in this ongoing process.


The majority of our time has been spent resolving issues with the site and working out any bugs that came up as well as improving the general feel and performance of the site. With a lot of those issues being out of the way, we'll be working toward catching the Marketplace up with the rest of the site and hopefully have it available soon for everyone to make use of and enjoy.

As always, thank you for your patience.